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Our Mission:

Elect Democrats

Striving to form a more perfect, more just, and more equitable union, starting here in Kendall County.


Our Mission

The Democratic Party of Kendall County believes civic engagement is the duty of each citizen to form a more perfect union. It’s our mission to do the most good for the most residents of Kendall County through civic engagement.

By supporting the Democratic Party and promoting Democratic candidates, the Kendall County Democrats are striving to form a more perfect, more just, and more equitable union.

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Am I a Democrat?

If you believe in the power of grassroots action to form a more perfect union; if you believe all Americans should benefit from a growing economy; if you believe health care is a human right; if you believe in green energy and a clean environment; if you believe in social, racial, and economic justice; and if you believe big money should not corrupt politics, then you are a Democrat.

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